Now, we’re not complaining,

But sometimes there are aspects of location independence that aren’t so ideal.

It can be quite a roller coaster when you travel while you work. Lack of work triggers, travel issues, bad wifi, the list of things that can, and do, go wrong is endless.

And yet we keep coming back for more!

Today Jason joins me to talk about the not so glamorous side of being location independent and to reveal our new super-secret (until now) community made just for people who have or are looking for this type of lifestyle.

Despite all the things that could go wrong.

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In This Episode:

  • The work/travel balance.
  • When you get excited on the weekends because you can get work done.
  • Not having a home base.
  • The lack of obvious triggers to get into “work mode”.
  • Time zone woes.
  • Wifi – awesome, and so, so frustrating.
  • Dealing with interruptions.
  • A brand new project, just for those of us who are location independent.

and much more!

Links Discussed in This Episode:

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