Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Entrepreneur Junkie w/ Jaime Atkinson

I am stoked to be talking today with my buddy, Jaime Atkinson from The EntrepreneurJunkie.co because I am extremely proud of his journey, his passion for entrepreneurship, and his unflinching honesty.

Today, we dive into his life story which includes the epic curveball that started him down this path, how The Paradise Pack helped launch him into the location independent lifestyle, and how he has navigated through the ups and downs of figuring out what works and what really doesn’t in his businesses. Jaime is a powerhouse of truth and is not afraid to be open about everything when it comes to his life in business so you will definitely walk away today knowing that you can do this and that your mess may end up being your message.

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In This Episode

  • 05:40 Location Independence vs Digital Nomad
  • 07:15 The Life Of Jaime: School vs Entrepreneurship
  • 10:30 Travel Wasn’t The Passion…At First
  • 16:15 Jumping Off The Hamster Wheel
  • 21:30 When Life Throws You An Epic Curveball
  • 28:00 The Paradise Pack & How It Changed Jaime’s Life
  • 32:35 Always Morphing, Always Changing
  • 33:50 How Jaime Earned Money & Lived On The Road
  • 39:15 Creating A Sustainable Business & Getting Clients
  • 49:00 Balancing Business, Travel, & Truth
  • 52:35 Investing In Yourself Can Be Scary
  • 55:00 Being True To Yourself & Your Story
  • 57:40 Publishing As A Platform
  • 58:50 The Paradise Pack – Creating Your LI Life On Your Terms

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