Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Destination Diary: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

You asked for it and today you are getting it! Our destination diary on Tamarindo, Costa Rica has arrived and it is jam-packed with great places, ideas, eats, etc. Since we spent such a long time here we are giving you all the insights that we learned during this time. Enjoy!

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Getting There:

  • Liberia Airport
    • Shuttle 1:15 hr – $80
  • San Jose
    • Shuttle 4 hours – $$$
  • Renting A Car
    • $1,300 / Month
    • $300 / Week
    • $12 / day Includes Mandatory Insurance

Getting Around:

  • Within The Town
    • Walk
    • Golf Cart
    • Car



  • Tamarindo
  • Langosta
    • More Residential – Would Want A Car Or At Least A Bike To Get To Town

Food & Drink:



Can’t Miss OR Skip:

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