Destination Diary – London, England

Posted By Trav


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If you’ve listened before, you’ll remember me not being a big fan of London, but I’ve changed my tune quite a bit!

While I still won’t admit that English food is very good, we’ve found a couple of places I really enjoy, and this last time in London was quite a lot of fun!

Today Heather joins me to talk about our favorite areas of the city, some of the best places to eat, and a TON of things to do. From free museums (yes, free!) to a great way to see shows for cheap, we have some great tips for the budget traveler in today’s episode!

Have any recs for our next trip to London? Let us know @PackOfPeanuts!!

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In This Episode

  • 05:00 The cost of getting to London
  • 09:30 Getting around town
  • 12:00 Area reccomendation
  • 18:00 The food & drink
  • 33:35 The 12 hour itinerary
  • 37:15 So many things to do!
  • 53:04 The rest of the 12 hour itnerary
  • 57:37 The can’t miss, skip, & wish


To Eat

To Drink

To Do

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  1. jazzulka says:

    You whetted my appetite and after listening, I booked today 4-day stay for September. I was twice in London but in December and February, so this time sun and at least reasonable temperature please:)

    1. Trav says:

      @jazzulka – 3rd time was a charm for me too…so fingers crossed it’ll work for you too! I’ll also be there in September. C’mon nice weather!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Trav and Heather! Awesome episode, thanks for sharing. I was in London in late May of 2015 and loved it! We also stayed in Elephant and Castle, which I believe is an up and coming area. I appreciated the variety of cuisine in the neighborhood (because I agree that English food isn’t the best). We had some great Colombian food, Vietnamese food, and Korean all within walking distance. The fact that it has a tube stop makes it accessible for other areas of London.

    One piece of advice. Ditch the London Eye and go up into the Shard to one of the cocktail lounges. We went to Aqua Shard which is on the 31st floor for a couple of cocktails. We didn’t need reservations and could stay as long as we wanted with panoramic views of the whole city. We went up just before sunset and were able to see the city transform from day to night! For what you spend on a ticket on the Eye, you can get a couple of cocktails for the same price and unlimited time.

    As always, love your podcast!

    1. Trav says:

      @Michelle – Awesome advice, as always. We’ll definitely do the Shard next time we are in London. We stayed in Elephant and Castle about 4 years ago, and it was definitely before it was up and coming. It was more “surely not there yet.” But it is convenient and close to everything, so I’m sure it will continue to gentrify and spiff up pretty quickly.

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