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If you’ve listened before, you’ll remember me not being a big fan of London, but I’ve changed my tune quite a bit!

While I still won’t admit that English food is very good, we’ve found a couple of places I really enjoy, and this last time in London was quite a lot of fun!

Today Heather joins me to talk about our favorite areas of the city, some of the best places to eat, and a TON of things to do. From free museums (yes, free!) to a great way to see shows for cheap, we have some great tips for the budget traveler in today’s episode!

Have any recs for our next trip to London? Let us know @ExtraPackOfPeanuts!!

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In This Episode

  • 05:00 The cost of getting to London
  • 09:30 Getting around town
  • 12:00 Area recommendation
  • 18:00 The food & drink
  • 33:35 The 12-hour itinerary
  • 37:15 So many things to do!
  • 53:04 The rest of the 12-hour itinerary
  • 57:37 The can’t miss, skip, & wish


To Eat

To Drink

To Do

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