Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast 402 The Bucket List Lifestyle w/ Chase Boehringer

Today I have the amazing Chase Boehringer from The Bucketlist LIfestyle on the show and he has had the honor to be on the Price Is Right, he has spontaneously walked into an airport and bought a ticket, and has currently crossed off 80 out of 100 bucket list items. This is a very fun conversation that will probably get you the motivation to start attacking your bucket list!

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In This Episode

  • 03:40 Top 3 Bucket List Items Crossed Off & Still To Do
  • 07:40 The Story Of Chase’s Bucket List
  • 17:00 Best Version Of Yourself & Growth
  • 22:40 Transition To Full-Time Traveler
  • 33:40 Positives & Negatives & Adventures
  • 46:15 Best Advice On Embarking On Creating A Bucket List
  • 50:55 The Price Is Right
  • 56:55 Biggest Travel Mishaps

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