Get out of the Stone Age and Start Using Shopping Portals (with Evreward video tutorial)


stone age evolution

A few months ago, I was just like you;  hesitant to use shopping portals for miles and points.

I thought it would be difficult, take up too much time, blah blah blah.

I’m making big points off credit card signups anyway, so how can a shopping portal even be worth my time?  I mean, why would we need the wheel when we could walk?

What a caveman mentality!

The truth is, outside of credit card signup bonuses, using shopping portals is the second best way to accrue miles and points and to do it in chunks.

And that’s what we want, chunks.  Nice, big chunks of points with minimum effort.

The turning point for me?  Christmas, 2011.

My siblings decided they wanted to buy my parents a hot air balloon ride.  Would I want to chip in?

Having just received an email from Groupon, which was offering a WHOPPING 30 Chase UR Points per $1 spent, you bet I wanted in.

I signed in to the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall, redirected to Groupon’s site, and bought a $300 hot air balloon ride for my folks.

Just like that, I was 9,000 points richer.  I was officially a convert!

Ok, ok, ok, you’re convinced that big points can be had, but it must be time consuming to find deals, right?

WRONG! Makes it Easy

Enter, an amazing little site that shows you exactly how many points you’ll get per $1 spent at each merchant and for each reward programs online portal.

Since not all reward programs are created equal, I use every time I decide I’m going to purchase something online.

When buying flowers, Teleflora may offer 10 points/$1 if you use Chase’s Ultimate Rewards mall but 20/$1 if you use United’s online mall.

You better bet I’m going through United and doubling up on the points!  $50 worth of flowers is giving me 1,000 United miles, as opposed to only 500 Chase points.

Thanks Evreward!

Below, I’ve made a short 3 minute video that explains how to use to search for the best deals.

I won’t say it’s so easy a caveman could do it, but…it’s pretty easy.  From this time forward, may your shopping be full of miles and points!

Once you know how to use Evreward, don’t forget to watch the video tutorial on how to use my favorite online shopping portal, the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall.

Do you use Evreward or do you have another secret weapon?  What’s the best deal you’ve ever got from an online shopping portal?  Comment below!

(photo courtesy of iandexter)

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    • @ Michael- Since the shopping portal redirects you to the seller’s actual website, I’ve never noticed a discrepancy between the prices that way. There are a few instances where I’ve been able to find stuff a tiny bit cheaper on a third party site (like ebay or some other reseller that isn’t part of a shopping portal). If that happens, I just gauge the savings I’d have from the reseller vs. the amount of points I’d have from using a shopping portal and see what the better deal is. Usually, its the points, especially if its a good promotion: 10x, 20x, 30x, etc.

  • 1/ Do you know which shopping portals (UR, AMEX, etc.) allow third-party coupon codes when using their sites? I thought most don’t allow this.

    2/ I am a UR fan but there’re some problems I see with evreward. One is that many times evreward shows old info (any idea how fequently they update)? And secondly, I’ve noticed that UR sometimes offers different points/$ for different cards (Fdm, sapphire, etc.) . Which one is evreward showing pts/$ for? Also, are their any good sites that do a side by side comparison on one page?

  • Hi Trav,

    Interesting post but just wondering if you have heard or ever came across any UK based equivalent site?

    Thanks ;-)