It Takes a Twin to Love a Twin: My Review of the Chase Ink Plus

Posted By Trav

Today at EPoP its time to get personal.  I feel like we’ve reached that level in our relationship; it’s been 8 months, after all.  Shouldn’t we reveal stuff to each other?  So today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, something I haven’t mentioned before on the blog….


Yes, it’s true. There is another 29 year old out there in this world (currently Spain) who shares the same birthday, same set of parents, and same upbringing as myself.  Scary, huh?  Luckily for my twin, we aren’t identical.  You see, she’s a girl.

(quick side note:  You won’t believe the number of people (at least 500 in my life) who know that I have a twin SISTER and ask me if we are identical twins.  Usually, I ask them why their school didn’t offer health class in 5th grade.  

When this baffles them, I remind them that “boys” and “girls” have different body parts, thereby not allowing them to be identical.  It’s amazing the questions science can answer!)

And while there is one major difference between my sister and I, we tend to share a lot of the same qualities, neurosis, and quirks (for better or worse).  The Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Ink Bold are very similar in this way. [The Ink Bold Card is no longer available from Chase]

One Major Difference

Danny and Arnold…more than one major difference!

The one major difference between the Chase Ink Bold and the Chase Ink Plus is that the Ink Bold is a CHARGE card while the Ink Plus is a CREDIT card.

This is an important distinction.

Since the Ink Bold is a charge card, the balance must be paid in full each month.  You can not roll over a balance from month to month.  You MUST pay the full amount each month.

The Ink Plus is a credit card, which means that you can carry a balance on it from month to month.  I NEVER, EVER recommend carrying a balance because the interest you are paying on that balance negates any frequent flyer benefits you are getting from the card, but the Ink Plus will allow you to do so if you need to.

The Similarities

Mary Kate and Ashley…not identical, but pretty close!

Outside of the charge card vs. credit card difference, EVERYTHING ELSE about these two cards is the same.  The Ink Plus has all the awesome, amazing perks that the Ink Bold has.  And if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I LOVE the Ink Bold, so if you guessed that I LOVE the Ink Plus, you’d be spot on.  It’s an awesome, awesome card!

So instead of writing another 1,300 word love letter to the Ink Plus, I’ll just point you towards the one I wrote to the Ink Bold (it’s right here, my first public love letter) and each time you read “Bold”, substitute “Plus”.  Remember, they’re twins!

For those of you who don’t feel like reading my eloquently written love letter, here is a list of the awesome perks that the Ink Plus and Ink Bold share:

  • Signup bonus of 50k Chase Ultimate Rewards points (transferable to United and Hyatt, among others) after spending $5,000 in 3 months.
  • 5x for every $1 spent on cable, internet, and cellphone bills
  • 5x on every $1 spent at office supply stores (including gift cards, which means you can buy gift cards and essentially get 5x on every purchase you make!)
  • 2x on gas, a huge bonus when the gas is at $4 a gallon!
  • 2x on hotels and motels
  • 1x on everything else
  • $95 annual fee WAIVED FOR THE FIRST YEAR
  • No foreign transaction fee

There is ALOT to like about this card.

Of course, the one major complaint about the Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards is the minimum spend requirement, which is $5,000 in 3 months.

Only get this card if you can definitely hit the minimum spend requirement.  $5,000 in 3 months can be steep for some people, so always err on the side of caution.

If you can’t meet the $5k requirement, there are plenty of other options listed on the Best Current Deals page.

The Big Question:  Can You Get Both Cards?

Twins having their cake and eating it too!

This is an emphatic YES!

Even though these cards are “twins”, they are considered different cards by Chase and therefore you are eligible to earn the signup bonus for BOTH cards.  

Final Word(s)

Psssttt….I don’t really think you have to be a twin to love a twin.

In fact, the Chase Ink Plus is such an AWESOME card and I’d recommend it to EVERYONE who thinks they can meet the minimum spend requirement, single, twin, triplet, or otherwise!

The 50k bonus is great and the bonus categories allow you to rack up tons of extra Chase UR points.

Most importantly, you’re eligible to get the signup bonus for the Ink Plus even if you already have the Ink Bold since it is considered a different card by Chase.

When you’re flying free on United or staying at uber-posh Hyatts you’ll be glad you applied for this card!


  1. Elena Garcia says:

    I like your twin post on the 2 cards :) I like the twins movie too haha

    1. Trav says:

      @Elena Garcia- Amazingly, I’ve never actually watched the movie, but I guess its probably time I should! Glad you liked the post; the Ink Plus is an AWESOME card, so if you don’t have it, definitely consider it!

      1. elena garcia says:

        I don’t yet have it..I have lots of chase cards already so have to be strategic. They are like a litter of puppies…I want to take them all home!

        1. Trav says:

          @elena garcia- I love the analogy to the puppies; so true! Patience is the hardest part about this game, especially in the beginning! I’ve found that the longer I’m at it, though, the more I start thinking about how to spend my miles rather than how to get more. Don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS want more, but at some point, you usually end up with a nice stockpile.

  2. Ken says:

    I have a win brother too :) Not identical either.

    1. Trav says:

      @Ken- I guess in your case it makes more sense for you to be asked if you are identical. Do you guys share a lot of the same traits?

      1. Ken says:

        @Trav – My wife says we’re similar in some ways, but I don’t see it. There’s a picture of both of us on the “about me” page on my blog. I’m on the right.

        1. Trav says:

          @Ken- Checked out the picture and can definitely see the similarities. Your wife is right (although, isn’t she always?)

          1. Ken says:

            Yup, spoken like a true married man :)

  3. Margo says:

    Too funny, my mom is an identical twin -rather eerie as a little kid! Love the post on how to meet the spend requirement!…Did you ever post the results of the August apporama?

    1. Trav says:

      @Margo- Yeah, I’m glad I’m a twin but happy I’m not identical! You beat me to the punch…the results of the August AoR will be posted next week! Be on the lookout for it!

  4. Susan Grady says:

    Travis, I too have a twin. Sister. Fraternal. We look a little more alike now than when we were younger, and definitely have similar traits and occasional similar thoughts (think mind meld)….Funny though, as soon as people would find out that we are twins, suddenly they couldn’t remember who was who. ?? But….it take some “special” kind of smart to ask if a boy and girl are identical twins. ;)

    I wanted to let you know that I apllied for both the two Chase cards at basically the same time. I am a Massage Therapist, Sole Propietor. I was instantly approved for the non-business card and heard nothing about the business card except that they were going to get back to me. I got a phone call from Chase, with someone asking me all the questions you posted. After a couple of questions, it occured to me that I didn’t for SURE know who this person calling me really was. So I asked for a callback number, which they gave me, and pretty much forgot to call back ( I have alot going on right now). About 2 weeks later, I have received both of the cards! Hmmmm…

    AND, since i am soon to embark upon a year of travel, and money is tight while bills are extra minimal…I asked my dad if he had any bills (perhaps a phone bill!?) that he would let me pay and then he would write a check for that amount to Chase, allowing me to get the miles without spending anything. He ws happy to help me, to help me get at least a total of 75,000 miles. Woo Hoo! Creativity worked. ;)

    1. Trav says:

      @Susan Grady- Well hello to another fraternal twin! Yes, it is a special kind of “smart” to ask if boys and girls are identical!

      Awesome job with the creativity, but I’m wondering which two cards you applied for? The Ink Bold and the Ink Classic? Where are you headed on your year of travel? And my wife’s sister is a massage therapist. Nothing better than having one of them in the family. Not only are the massages heavenly, but when you know you don’t have to pay big bucks for them, its even better (of course I give her a big tip, though)!

      1. Susan Grady says:


        I got the Ink Bold and the Mileage Plus Explorer cards. I have already gotten my 50,000 on the Mileage Plus card, after spending $1000. I will get the miles from the other card, probably next month.

        I leave November for South Africa for three months and then likely onto South America, alhough I am not sure of which country is first. I may also throw in Thailand and Norway, but those are in the “not yet sure” category. My plan is to travel for a year or more. Ambitious and, I believe, realistic. :)

        Be well, and keep up the bodywork whenever possible. In fact, I find that receiving a massage within the first 4-6 hours of landing in a far-off land (read: different time zone/jet lag) really helps to alleviate much of the jet lag and lowered immune system issues that people normally deal with. ;)

        1. Trav says:

          @Susan Grady- That sounds like an awesome trip. I’m certainly jealous! It sounds like a doable plan, for sure. Many people, including myself, sometimes try to stuff too much in to a trip, even if it is a year-long. However, I think you are doing it the right way, without too much of a plan, and then staying longer time in places if you find that you like them. It should be a really amazing time, and you’ll have to report back to me about what you liked and didn’t like!

          I’ve never had the chance to have a massage within that close of landing, but I’m sure it would definitely help. I’ll have to consider doing that next time.

          Last question: Where do you plan on staying during your travels? Are you renting out apartments, staying in hotels/hostels/guesthouses? Or just going with the flow?

  5. Susan Grady says:

    Oh yeah…and being an identical twin would NOT be my favorite thing! It’s hard enough forging your own identity as a same gender fraternal twin!

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