The Art Of Pivoting In Travel & Life w/ Lia & Jeremy

Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast The Art Of Pivoting In Travel  & Life w/ Lia & Jeremy

Joining me today are two people with Californian accents (even though one of them is from Kentucky), a couple who has driven a BMW into a medieval castle in France and are fellow stroopwafel addicts, Jeremy and Lia from After a disastrous year-long honeymoon they now share down-to-earth travel tips from their many (mis)adventures on their podcast and blog and we dive into those stories & tips in today’s episode.

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In This Episode

  • 6:00 Coming Home From The One Year Honeymoon
  • 14:20 Better Work/Life Balance with Travel
  • 17:45 Why The Jump Into Travel & The Spreadsheet
  • 29:00 The Disasterous Honeymoon
  • 37:00 Reality Checks & How-To Pivot
  • 44:35 Amazing European Highlights & Castle Crashing
  • 50:20 The End Of The Trip & Processing It
  • 57:00 The Machu Picchu Misadventure
  • 01:07:00 What Is Coming up Next

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