Getting 5 Jobs in 5 Weeks After a 20 Month Career Break with Katrina McGhee

Ever found yourself crying in the car on the way home from work because you’re just so tired and emotionally drained from your job?

Katrina did. And after some serious unpacking and working it through she found her answer:

A Career Break.

But being a planner, she took it to the next level. Building in buffer time to re-climate to life back home and allow herself time to get a job, and saving $40,000.00 to take the trip of her dreams.

Today Katrina shares how she came to the conclusion that she needed a break, her planning and budgeting process, and more about her re-entry into the corporate world after 20 months away.

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In This Episode

  • 05:00 How did Katrina get into travel
  • 11:07 A life coach helped her get out
  • 14:00 The reaction
  • 18:30 Saving up 40k for her trip
  • 25:38 Building in recovery period at the end of the trip
  • 29:49 Goals on the break itself
  • 35:00 Transitioning back to your old life in a more sustainable way
  • 46:00 Favorite parts of the trip
  • 52:20 Travel Mishap
  • 56:32 What’s next?


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