When I first met Scott Brills four years ago his business card listed him as a “Man of Leisure”.

Since then I still haven’t quite figured out what it is that Scott ACTUALLY does, other than it’s quite a bit of everything.

Until today.

Scott joins me today to finally shed some light on what it is he actually does as the co-owner of a Safari company, Japanese Tour operator, and web designer (plus a bunch of other random things).

He regales us with stories from Japan, Tanzania, Mongolia, and the Shoe-barus. It’s quite the journey!

Join us today to learn more about starting a business abroad, how to go about running a marathon with no training, and to hear some great travel tips for Japan! We’re almost as varied as Scott’s professional life!

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In This Episode

  • 03:55 What exactly does Scott do?
  • 06:00 Creating his LI lifestyle
  • 10:00 Safari’s & Japanese Food tours
  • 21:40 Going from nothing to a Safari business
  • 29:00 The work/life balance conundrum
  • 40:00 Saving money in Japan
  • 46:22 Japan must-see’s
  • 55:00 The Mongol Rally, Rickshaw Run, and other adventures
  • 76:00 Saving money on the road
  • 80:23 A dramatic travel mishap


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