Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Balancing Full-Time Work With Travel w/ Jen Seiser

Joining me today is someone who is a proud Cincy resident and Wisconsin native, who has been to over 40 countries, who describes herself as an “older Millennial” and who has absolutely awesome pictures of 6 Ethiopian boys on stilts, Jen Seiser from TheJourneyNotes.com and JenSeiserPhotography.com

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In This Episode

  • 03:00 For The Love Of Cincy & the State Of Wisconsin
  • 09:45 What Does Your Travel/Work-Life Look Like
  • 11:15 The Hybrid of LI & Remote Careers
  • 14:15 Travel Tradeoffs & Holidays
  • 15:35 Solo Trips vs Family Trips
  • 20:30 State of Travel Urgency (Where To Go Soon)
  • 24:55 Capturing It All With Photography
  • 31:25 Travel Style & Costs
  • 35:35 Hardest Country To Drive In
  • 38:40 Biggest Travel Mishap

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