We took Whit on his first international trip.

7 months old and already strolling the banks of the Danube in Budapest and seeing the beaches of Mallorca, Spain.

We made mistakes, and learned a lot on this two and a half week trip across the Atlantic!

Listen to hear a tip that could save you hundreds of dollars if you fly on points, and to hear some of the things that worked really well for Whit on the road!

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In This Episode

  • 4:40 A tip that might save you hundreds of dollars
  • 12:40 Is lounge access worth it?
  • 17:51 Jetlag & babies
  • 21:00 Do You take strangers up on babysitting offers?
  • 26:00 Get a good stroller
  • 30:00 Eating out with Whit
  • 38:00 It’s just gonna take longer
  • 43:00 Go!

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