Chris used to be an accountant but then decided to go out on a big adventure that turned into more.

Travelers will know this feeling. If you’re going to go on one big bucket list trip, you might as well go on three!

Or as Chris Cage said, when you’re in New Zealand you might as well be in Southeast Asia!

After traveling through Southeast Asia, biking through New Zealand and walking the Appalachian Trail, Chris realized there was an issue.

It was hard to find enough calories to power these kinds of adventures!!

So he set out to solve the issue by creating his own shelf-stable bar that could power cyclists and hikers of all kinds.

And so was born, almost completely unintentionally. It had never been his plan to create his own business, but that’s where he ended up. And it’s been an awesome ride.

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In This Episode

  • 4:23 Getting started with this journey
  • 08:02 The problem: The hunger from cycling 100 miles a day around mountains
  • 13:10 The family reaction
  • 15:10 You don’t know what you don’t know
  • 18:48 Bringing on a food scientist
  • 23:00 Minimum Viable Product
  • 26:00 Kickstarter & Growth
  • 40:00 The travel lifestyle
  • 47:11 Saving Money
  • 51:00 Travel Mishap

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