Extra pack of Peanuts Podcast The Two Year Bike Trip w/ Chris Haag

Joining me today is someone who fell in love with biking in the city of Detroit, who enjoys being (and peeing) outdoors, and who is on a two-year bike trip from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina, Chris Haag from ThePlacesIPee.com.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Oregon State University ECampus.

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In This Episode

  • 3:16 Being and Peeing Outdoors
  • 6:10 Riding a bike from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina
  • 9:49 Budgeting for an Epic Biking Trip
  • 14:00 What To Do When Reality Sets In
  • 26:30 Getting Stuck in Sticky Situations
  • 30:55 Advice for Other Riders
  • 27:18 Most Difficult Places to Ride 
  • 35:03 Mental Toughness 
  • 39:10 Passing Time While Riding 50 Miles a Day 
  • 41:00 Favorite Places to Ride
  • 52:18 Facing the Unexpected
  • 1:08 Better Than You Imagined?

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