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Tim Leffel has joined us on the podcast before through our Paradise Pack sessions to talk briefly about his experiences living abroad for half the price of the USA.

Today he’s back for a full-fledged episode where he shares some tips on becoming a freelance travel writer, and discusses some of the best places to move if you’re looking to have a better living for a lower price.

We also discuss the benefits of having multiple income streams, and how, even when you don’t have to be, we’ve managed to stay cheap travelers at heart.

Where would you go to live abroad? Let us know @PackofPeanuts!!

Today’s episode has been sponsored by our own gift guide! (I think that might be cheating)

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In This Episode


  • 04:00 Multiple Income Streams
  • 08:00 Always a traveler?
  • 12:00 Cheap traveler at heart
  • 16:00 Breaking into travel writing
  • 25:00 Some places to live abroad
  • 47:00 Travel Mishaps


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