“That’s soooooo Touristy!”

Today we throw any, and all, preconceived notions of our “coolness” straight out the window.

Jason joins me as we discuss the ultimate taboo in independent travel.

Being a tourist.

We discuss our love of guided tours, pub crawls, “tourist” transportation and more without shame because sometimes you just have to get your tourist on!

With 14 awesome touristy activities revealed you’ll have to make us feel a little less lame and share some of your favorite tourist activities! If you have pictures of yourself being super touristy, tweet them @PackofPeanuts, we’d love to put together an EpoP/Zero To Travel album of our listeners being tourists!

Because everybody does it.


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In This Episode:

  • Do we open the show with a bang, or maybe a quack?
  • Tourist activities are sometimes popular for a reason.
  • Finding places to eat on the internet.
  • How many days do you think you could last on a cruise.
  • Tours + Alcohol = Awesome
  • The alternatives to local transportation.
  • A plea to make us not feel so alone.

and much more!

Links Discussed in This Episode:


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Photo provided courtesy of Brian Moore from Flickr Creative Commons

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