Today we bring you a very special destination diary, one close to our hearts.

Our hometown.


From the best places to eat and drink around town (including the dive bars) to the most interesting museums for children and adults, it’s all here.

Everything we mention could be done in a couple of day itinerary in Philly (except for maybe all the food. That’s a lot of pizza!) and is great for single travelers, couples, or those traveling with children.

What’s your favorite place to go in Philly? Did we miss something important that we need to do when we get back from SE Asia? Let us know below!

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In This Episode

  • Reading Terminal Market.
  • The best doughnuts in the world.
  • More food than you could ever eat.
  • Fancy bars & dive bars, for both sides of the coin.
  • Places outside the city center that are great to visit if you have a car.
  • What everyone always knows about Philadelphia.
  • The best time to go to some of these places.
  • Toynbee Tiles.

Places Discussed in This Episode

You can see all the places listed below on this map here! Plan your own tour!


Food Around Town



Around the ‘Burbs

Food in the ‘Burbs

Things to do in the City

 Places to Visit With Kids

Places to Stay



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