When I stumbled on the Thrillist post on the 48 European Countries Ranked by Food I knew we had to do something!

And who better to do that with that European traveler extraordinaire:

Nick Hersh!

You may remember him from our podcast on our favorite travel books, or our talks on being a diplomat abroad.

Today we each share our top 5 food destinations in Europe after discussing the original list from Thrillist, coming up with some awesome, and surprising, places!

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In This Episode

  • 03:00 Book update!
  • 05:00 The list that inspired the podcast
  • 11:30 Our thoughts on the UK
  • 15:56 The biggest surprises from that list
  • 19:00 Our #5’s. Awesome, and a bit surprising.
  • 24:20 #4’s, it’s seeped into your life, and you don’t even notice!
  • 32:00 #3’s, it’s easy to mess up, but so delicious when it’s right
  • 37:00 A place that was in the 30’s on the original list! So wrong
  • 43:36 Our #2’s are the same!
  • 51:14 Drumroll, please!!!!!! The somewhat obvious #1.


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