For those of us with a serious case of wanderlust (or those of us who want one) there’s only one solution.

Reading about travel.

Or is that the problem?

Today I bring back Nick, a good buddy of mine who shares my love of reading about travel. We each listed out our top 10 books about travel for a master top 20 lists sure to increase the size of your bookshelf.

In fact, we listed SO many books in our honorable mentions (quite by accident, you know how it is) and decided to split this up into two episodes. Today’s podcast will be the honorable mentions and books 10-8 on each of our lists.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of our list! And probably some more honorable mentions…

Have you read any of the books we mentioned today? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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Top Picks

Honorable Mentions

Other Links

My Life as a U.S. Diplomat with Nick Hersh (EpoP 83)

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