Being Couplepreneurs with The Great Anomaly


Travel more, work less.

Wait, that sounds familiar…

Geneviève and Nick, co-founders of The Great Anomaly join Heather and I to talk about something that is very important to both of us.


Yes, it is a word (even if they made it up).

Gen and Nick work together as a couple on several businesses and have learned a lot about how to do so over the past several years. We chat about what to do when business personalities don’t match up, even if your romantic ones do, how to balance work and travel, and how structure actually creates freedom. Even though that last one doesn’t sound like it makes any sense.

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In This Episode

  • 05:00 When a couple’s personality mixes in love, but not so much in business.
  • 10:00 How the priority pyramid came into play, and when they figured it out.
  • 13:06 Changing the focus of your business.
  • 16:00 Splitting time between work and travel effectively.
  • 25:00 Double the business but half the happiness? Fail.
  • 32:00 The importance of intuition.
  • 39:00 What happens if BOTH of us are disorganized?
  • 43:00 Organization breeds freedom
  • 55:00 Spending time apart?
  • 62:00 Mistakes in Istanbul, taxis, & suitcases.


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