Destination Diary – Cape Town, South Africa


I have a new favorite city.

Cape Town, South Africa

It has everything. It’s small but has everything you want. You can drive without it being a pain. And you can get to the mountains, the beach, and most importantly, the wine country with less than a 30-minute car ride.

Today Heather joins me as we break down our time in Capetown, from the deal with transportation through amazing (and some not amazing) food and wine we had along the way.

Check out our full itinerary here, as well as our Sleep, Eat, Do guide to Cape Town!

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In This Episode:

  • 3:32 What is a Destination Diary?
  • 7:06 The areas we visited.
  • 7:48 Transportation around South Africa & Cape Town
  • 11:00 Accommodations in Cape Town & virtual friends
  • 15:30 Delicious, and not so delicious food & drink in Cape Town
  • 28:56 Things to do in Downtown Cape Town
  • 35:30 The most amazing first day anywhere!
  • 38:33 The drives around Cape Town
  • 43:30 The Wine Country
  • 48:00 The wineries that we would recommend
  • 51:32 The Garden Route Drive
  • 55:00 Can’t-Miss, Skip, & Regret

and much more!

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