The Post Travel Blues


You’ve been away on a trip.

Maybe it’s just been a weekend, or a week, months, or even a year.

But now your home and everything just seems a bit…bland.

Coming home from a trip can be a happy time, but sometimes mixed in with that happiness is a little (or a lot) of sadness. Whether it’s “reverse” culture shock, or just being bummed that you’re not on the beach anymore, being home can cause some mixed feelings.

We’ve felt it, more than once, and here are 14 ways that we try to deal with the post-travel blues.

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In This Episode

  • 07:00 Organize those pictures!
  • 10:00 Other people’s reactions
  • 12:00 Who are the other travelers?
  • 15:00 The food & culture, bring them home with you.
  • 22:00 Explore where you live.
  • 30:00 Use it as motivation!

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