Packing Cubes and an Entrepreneurial Oventure, Part 2


In Part two of our interview with Dave of Oventure Travel we discuss how to start making physical products, why he chose to donate $2 from every sale to Pencils of Promise (one of my favorite charities!), and his companies goals going forward.

We also talk about a great honeymoon travel hack and get a recommendation for the best beignets in New Orleans.

Dave also gives you awesome listeners a 15% discount code to use on any order with Oventure travel!! Thanks Dave!

This is Part 2 of a 2 part interview. Check out part 1 here to see how Dave got into travel, and why he chose to make travel gear for his business.

The upcoming Paradise Pack will help you learn to travel more and spend less so make sure to check out the Paradise Pack and sign up to be notified when the sale starts!

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Today’s episode has been sponsored by our friends at Tortuga Backpacks!

In This Episode:

  • 5:11 Getting physical products made
  • 13:15 The advantage of physical products
  • 13:45 Donating a portion of each sale to charity.
  • 19:45 Oventure’s goals for the future.
  • 23:16 A honeymoon travel hack
  • 28:00 The best beignets in New Orleans
  • 35:00 An awesome discount code

and much more!

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