Discover Travel’s Secret Season


When is the best time to travel to a location?

Peak season? Off-season? Shoulder season?

What does shoulder season even mean?!

Today, Jason joins me as we discuss the benefits of traveling during different times of the year. We outline what usually makes a shoulder season or off-peak season and discuss the pros (and cons) of traveling during each.

We also list some of our favorite off-season destinations along with the reasons why they’re so awesome (saving money, avoiding crowds, etc.).

What are some of YOUR favorite off-season destinations?

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In This Episode:

  • 4:46 What is off-peak season
  • 8:11 Why you want to travel on the shoulder/offseason
  • 13:10 Is it cheaper offseason?
  • 24:33 The downsides (we have to be fair)
  • 29:07 Our favorite off-peak locations.

and much more!

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