How to Get Access to Any Airport Lounge (Without Being a Millionaire)

After checking your luggage, getting through security, and finding your gate, you settle down for a few minutes of rest before your flight.

But how are you supposed to relax when it’s noisy, your seat is dirty and uncomfortable, and the airport WiFi isn’t working?

You glance across the terminal and see a group of people relaxing in a lounge, separate from the noise and chaos of the terminal. If only you could somehow join this elite group of people, all the madness of the airport would fade away. (more…)

21 Ways to Make Long-Haul Flights Bearable

Very few people actually look forward to those 20+ hour travel days.

Unless of course, they’re in business class.

With long flights, horrendous layovers, and no sleep, those days go down as the price we pay for travel.

But they don’t have to be!

Today Heather joins me to share some tips & tricks to making those travel days more enjoyable. From the day before your trip to finding ways to make sleep possible, even in economy class, we’ve got tips that will help every traveler make the most out of the “lost days” of travel.

What are your recommendations for getting through long-haul flights intact?

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In This Episode:

  • 06:24 Flying mid-afternoon.
  • 08:49 The items that will make your flight sooooo much more comfortable
  • 15:53 Scoping out the seating arrangements.
  • 19:22 The beauty of sleep aids.
  • 23:41 Making your layovers more pleasant.
  • 30:08 What you can do after you touchdown
  • 36:00 Recommended listening.
  • and much more!

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