21 Ways to Make Long-Haul Flights Bearable

Posted By Trav

Very few people actually look forward to those 20+ hour travel days.

Unless of course, they’re in business class.

With long flights, horrendous layovers, and no sleep, those days go down as the price we pay for travel.

But they don’t have to be!

Today Heather joins me to share some tips & tricks to making those travel days more enjoyable. From the day before your trip to finding ways to make sleep possible, even in economy class, we’ve got tips that will help every traveler make the most out of the “lost days” of travel.

What are your recommendations for getting through long-haul flights intact?

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In This Episode:

  • 06:24 Flying mid-afternoon.
  • 08:49 The items that will make your flight sooooo much more comfortable
  • 15:53 Scoping out the seating arrangements.
  • 19:22 The beauty of sleep aids.
  • 23:41 Making your layovers more pleasant.
  • 30:08 What you can do after you touchdown
  • 36:00 Recommended listening.

and much more!

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  1. James says:

    If its an Emirates A380 then yeah, I look forward to it but most airlines including BA have , lets face it, terrible business class products really.

    1. Trav says:

      @James- I think it’s a matter of perspective. If you’re someone who is used to flying first class, business class might not seem that great. Or if you’re used to flying business class, how great it is certainly wanes after a while, especially once you do go on some awesome business class products.

      So while I agree that some business class products are MUCH better than others, for people who almost always fly economy (Heather has never flown business and I’ve only flown once, on AA from Tokyo to JFK), any business class is a major step up.

  2. travelisfree says:

    “You never really get used to it.”
    Let me +1 that, and confirm that, well at least for me, I do not get used to not sleeping. :-D I just feel like crap. We did an MR IAH-LHR-JNB-LHR-ORD-DFW-PVR and I was dead. It was the most sleep deprived I’d ever been.

    1. Trav says:

      @travelisfree- Wow, talk about an epic mileage run. How many miles did that earn you? That sounds absolutely awful. This past time was definitely the best time for me – I couldn’t believe I slept 8 hours. Maybe it was a combination of factors (time of flight, NyQuil, etc.) but I’m really hoping to recreate that magic on our next long long haul from Istanbul to Mandalay. 36 hours…UGH!

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