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The Rutledge Family had a case of itchy feet!

After a birthday trip to Chile, Suzanne and Mitch Rutledge realized that long term travel might be something they could ACTUALLY do! They got back home and started planning;

What would they do with their house?
How would their son’s school take the news that they were taking an extended trip abroad?
Where were they going to go?!

As they began preparing for their trip things began falling into place, and here they are, on the other end, talking about their experiences as seasoned world travelers!

Suzanne, Mitch, and Luke (the youngest person to ever be on the podcast) join me today to chat about getting out the door and deep into a 9-month adventure around the world, along with some of the best tips that they learned along the way.

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In This Episode

  • 03:00 Best food around the world
  • 08:00 Planning a 9-month trip & getting out the door.
  • 17:00 Taking their son out of school
  • 19:20 Roles on the road
  • 25:30 Resources they used to save money
  • 25:00 The deal with WWOOFing
  • 32:00 A great tip for TrustedHousesitters!
  • 45:00 Their best experiences on the trip
  • 52:00 Getting back to “normal”


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