Our Two Travel Freakouts in Myanmar


Sometimes when you visit a new place things are just so outside of your expectations and comfort zone that you just loose it.

That happened to us in Myanmar.


We’ve had a wonderful time during our stay in Burma, but along the way, there were moments where both of us were tempted to storm out of our guesthouses. Heather to find a better place to stay, and mine to just leave the country entirely (Mine was a little more extravagant).

In both cases, we managed to keep it together and find a way to make it work, but getting there was a little tough.

Today Heather and I detail our respective freakouts because we do, after all, strive to entertain you. And what better way than to talk about our own mishaps?

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In This Episode:

  • 8:22 A perfect first day
  • 13:30 The worlds largest book
  • 16:10 The first freakout
  • 24:53 Heather’s mini freakout
  • 38:26 So what did we learn?

and much more!

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