Netflix Filmed a Movie At Our House: Here’s The Scoop

Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Netflix Filmed A Movie At Our House

Did you know that Netflix filmed a movie in our home? Today we are talking all about how they found us, what the process was like before & during filming, and how it all went down now that they are done. This was definitely a hectic but very fun experience and we can’t wait to share it with you, Enjoy!

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In This Episode

  • 06:00 How They Found Us
  • 08:55 What Movie Is Being Filmed
  • 12:40 Scouting For Films, Set Designs, & Huge Kudos
  • 19:50 Celebrities In Our Home + Kate’s IG Stories In Our Kitchen
  • 22:50 Why We Ended Up Out Of Our Home For Weeks
  • 26:45 Working In Chaos, Pivoting, & Flexibility
  • 30:05 Interesting To See How Much Screen Time The House Gets
  • 31:45 How Far They Go To Make A Place Work For A Film
  • 34:10 Interesting Tidbits Of Filmmaking


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