Flying as a Courier with Airmule

If you know anyone who did a lot of travel in the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s you’ve probably heard of being an airline courier.

Essentially, you used to be able to give up your luggage space on a plane to carry packages for delivery and you could fly for free. It was a pretty neat system.

But with the tragedy of 9/11, this method of travel seemingly faded into obscurity. To the point where many people now don’t know it was ever a thing!

Now, with the sharing economy (AirBnB, Uber, etc.) growing across the globe, being an airline courier is making a resurgence and Airmule is part of the movement.

Airmule currently functions on flights between the United States and China, where you can give up your luggage space for discounted fares or a flat fee to deliver a package, and it’s totally legit. Jared, their marketing manager, and first employee joins me today on the podcast to talk about how exactly Airmule works, and how they got started!

If you’re interested in signing up for Airmule, feel free to use our affiliate link here!

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In This Episode


  • 3:30 What is Airmule?
  • 12:00 What kind of things are generally shipped?
  • 14:00 How does the process work?
  • 20:00 Advice for people going through the process
  • 23:00 What routes are serviced
  • 30:00 How Airmule got started and where the name came from
  • 34:00 The obstacles to starting a courier service
  • 39:00 Jared’s own travels
  • 46:00 Just like the story of Christmas


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