Extra Pack Of Peanuts Podcast Learning A Love Of Language w/ Steve Kaufmann

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? How about 20 of them? Joining me today is someone who retired ex-diplomat, who has 50 years of travel under his belt, and who speaks 20 languages, Steve Kaufmann from lingq.com.

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In This Episode

  • 02:10 The Language Learning Beginnings
  • 05:45 How To Make Your Brain More Flexible
  • 08:15 Best Ways To Learn A Language
  • 15:40 Lingq Language Learning
  • 19:20 Is Isolated Vocab Necessary?
  • 21:40 Comprehension & Tenses
  • 24:40 How Long Does It Take To Learn A Language
  • 28:45 How Important Is Immersion
  • 32:35 How To Decide Which Languages To Learn
  • 34:15 Which Languages Did He Give Up On
  • 36:30 Learning Multiple Languages At Once & Losing What You’ve Learned
  • 40:50 The Extensive Travel Life
  • 42:55 Top of List Destinations
  • 43:40 Diplomat Life & Living Anywhere
  • 47:50 Travel Stories & Mishaps

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