Ep 173 - Stefan Loble

We’re back today with part 2 of our interview with the founder of Bluffworks, Stefan Loble.

In this portion of the interview, we focus on travel.

Stefan’s favorite place to travel (you might be surprised if I hadn’t mentioned it on last week’s podcast…), his acts of rebellion, traveling like the locals, and of course travel mishaps.

A lot of travel mishaps.

We also discuss how he managed to fly first class, on an economy ticket, why you should style your travels around the things you already love to do, and my favorite part…

Discount codes for you!

To get 10% off any Bluffworks product that isn’t already on sale, click this link and use the code PEANUTS at checkout!

This is part 2 of a 2 part interview. In part 1 we discuss how Bluffworks got started, how Stefan managed to balance a 9-5 with a new successful business, and a lot of great information on running Kickstarter campaigns (with an announcement for a new one!)

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In This Episode:

  • 02:30 Favorite places to travel?
  • 06:00 Getting caught in the rain
  • 10:00 Rebelism
  • 16:00 Moving the safety net ahead of you.
  • 20:00 Live off the Local Resources
  • 25:00 First class, no ticket? And travel mishaps galore!
  • 36:00 Don’t travel your fantasy, do what you love!
  • 41:00 Discount codes!

and much more!

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