Today we get into the Startup Diaries. Fabian regales us of tales of working from the road in South America with his entire company while filming the stories of entrepreneurs along the way.

We discuss how to manage client expectations when you’re working from the road and the challenges that Fabian and his company faced while working from a Jeep throughout South America.

However working while traveling taught Fabian something extremely important, it’s better to work efficiently than to work a lot. You do, after all, have to have time to see things while you’re traveling! He’s even kind enough to share some of his tips for efficiency with us today.

While we may have spoiled his travel mishap in the first half of the show, Fabian brings up something else very important to talk about today.

Many of us chase the Location Independent lifestyle, but it’s important to realize why you’re doing it, and what you’re going to do with the freedom afforded when you get it.

So, what will you do with your freedom?

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In This Episode

  • 41:00 The Startup Diaries
  • 47:00 Managing client expectations
  • 52:15 The challenges of working on the road.
  • 55:00 Things to make you work more efficiently
  • 68:00 You’re a digital nomad. Now what?


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