Today we’re giving the Extra Pack of Peanuts Team a break and re-running one of our favorite episodes of all time. If you missed it the first time around, now’s your chance to hear Sailing Bo’s awesome story, complete with one of the most hilarious travel mishaps we’ve had yet.

If you didn’t know how to sail but wanted to circumnavigate the globe, what would your first action be?

Bo Cordle bought a sailboat.

That he didn’t really know how to sail (but he had read a book once..).

Today Bo joins us to talk about his dream to sail around the world, how he came up with the idea, what he’s been doing to prepare for his trip (like learning how to sail), and how he ended up getting flogged in a Russian sauna.

We also speak quite a bit about his famous bucket list, which includes everything from singing karaoke to living abroad, and how it helped him to discover his passion.

Bo and I would love to hear what some of the items on YOUR bucket list are, so please leave them in the comments below! We’ll be putting some of ours there as well!

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In This Episode:

  • How he overshot his goal of speaking to a crowd of 500 people by 1,300!
  • Where the dream of sailing around the world came from.
  • Childhood adventures that involve finding a sailboat buried in his backyard.
  • How other people reacted to his dream.
  • Some of the items on his bucket list.
  • The way he figured out his passion, and his advice to you on doing the same.
  • Why leaving your job on good terms can really work out for a life of travel.
  • Getting flogged in a Russian sauna
  • and much more!

 Links Discussed in This Episode:

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