Evo is back for part 2 of this awesome interview! Click here to listen to part 1 if you missed it!

Today we discuss the biggest challenges of long term travel, a great way to find out if this lifestyle is really for you, and an awesome way to reframe some of the negative commentaries from friends and family that don’t understand what you’re doing.

We also discuss a topic that is much beloved by our listeners, relationships on the road. Evo discusses some of the strengths and weaknesses that he and his wife have, and how their roles have changed in their marriage since leaving their default lifestyle behind.

To cap it off Evo shares a to travel more, and spend less, that hasn’t come up in 159 episodes of the EPoP Travel Podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • 02:13 The biggest challenge.
  • 11:32 How do you know if this lifestyle is for you?
  • 18:45 But I’m already situated!
  • 22:57 Dealing with negative responses from friends & family.
  • 26:00 Relationships on the road
  • 34:40 Travel more, spend less. A tip we haven’t heard yet.
  • 38:00 Feather mishaps.

and much more!

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