Ep 209 Nate B

Nate Buchanan is the creator of Peanut Butter Printing and NateBuchanan.org. He returns to the EPOP podcast after transforming from a frequent flyer newbie to a seasoned veteran in just one year!

In this episode Nate talks about his incredible 15-day mileage run in airplanes and airports from South America to Asia, and why he considers this 92,000-mile business class trip an investment.

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In This Episode:

  • How Nate earned the highest American Airlines status
  • How much this 15-day, business-class trip cost, and why it was a good investment
  • What it’s like to fly in business class and stay in first-class lounges
  • The scares and mishaps that almost derailed Nate’s 15-day adventure
  • Nate’s favorite airport lounge of all time
  • What exciting adventure is next for Nate
  • and much, much more.

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