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Have more miles than you’ll use this holiday season?

Feel like helping out someone in need?

Home for the Holidays is helping families who are unable to spend the holidays together have a chance to do so with the donation of frequent flyer miles.

So if you’ve got some to spare, look no further! The Abroaders is fronting the booking effort for the tickets, and is gladly accepting donations of 12,500 miles and up! They’ll feature you, or your business on their donations page & it’s a great way to keep the rest of your miles from expiring as well!

If you don’t have miles to spare, but do have a loved one you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see, check out the podcast for details on how to enter the contest!

Visit their website here for more information.

Where will you be spending the holidays this year? Let me know @ExtraPackofPeanuts!!

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In This Episode

  • 04:00 How did this start?
  • 06:48 The process
  • 13:07 How do I donate?


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