Happy Thanksgiving!

Today Heather joins me in expressing some of the things we’re the most thankful for this year, some expected and some that came completely out of the blue!

We also give you guys a couple of old episodes that, if you missed the first time around, would be great to listen to on your long travels home in the days after family & turkey.

Wishing everyone a happy turkey day!

-The Extra Pack of Peanuts Team

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In This Episode:

  • Awesome mistake fares.
  • Independent Travel.
  • Seeing, and living with, family.
  • The best sandwich in the world.
  • Just giving it a shot.
  • Unexpected consequences.
  • Thanks to the listeners & readers!
  • Some Podcasts for your travel listening pleasure!
  • and much more!

Episodes to Listen to on Your Long Travel Days:

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