“I’d love to travel, but I have kids.”

Children are often seen as a detriment to a life of travel.

With three girls under the age of five and many miles of travel under his belt, author and motivational speaker Grant Baldwin certainly disagrees with that!

Grant is constantly packing up his family of five and taking them on trips, leaving others to shake their heads and wonder how he can afford to do it.

And for work, Grant travels across the country giving talks to high school and college-aged students about the transition to real-life after schooling, making him quite the road warrior.

Today he joins us to share his tips on keeping business travel fun, balancing cost vs. comfort, and also how to travel with a family of five.

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In This Episode:

  • How to start with motivational speaking.
  • Keeping business travel fun and appealing even after the 100th trip.
  • Staying present in your home life even when you’re traveling a ton for work.
  • Finding the balance between minimizing expenses & good experiences during business travel.
  • Why signing up for every rewards program is a necessity for any business traveler.
  • The benefits of traveling with young children.
  • How to find good travel deals for families.

And much more!

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