Yesterday we talked a bit about Expedition 1000, but what kind of journeys are these really? Why does he undertake them? How much planning does he do? The questions are endless.

Dave patiently answers all of them and hands out some great advice on lifestyle, packing, and working on the road along the way.

We end our awesome interview with some travel mishaps that prove that perhaps, Dave isn’t so superhuman after all…

This is part two of a two-part interview with Dave Cornthwaite. Click here to listen to part one!

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In This Episode:

  • Getting started on these journeys. How much planning is there?
  • The only uncompleted journey (and why it still counts)
  • People MAKE these trips as wonderful as they are.
  • Differentiate between what you need, and what you want.
  • The things Dave brings on his adventures.
  • You’re the only one in control of your time.
  • Falling off at the finish line.

and much more!

Links Discussed in This Episode:

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