The Grand Canyon is a sight to behold.

One so great that Heather’s jaw actually dropped when she saw it for the first time.

And today’s podcast is recorded from its very edge!

Situated on a cliff on the outside of the Grand Canyon we decided to record a podcast about all the decisions we made that lead us to this moment.

Our hope is that you can take the lessons of these decisions and apply them to your own travel and hopefully find yourself somewhere just as amazing!

We also want to thank YOU for making these moments possible!

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In This Episode:

  • 05:41 Be open to opportunities!
  • 10:05 Go with your gut
  • 15:00 Be Flexible
  • 20:05 Know Yourself. What does your mind & body need?
  • 25:00 Meeting up with old friends
  • 32:00 Sedona Point – the most awesome place at the Grand Canyon.
  • 35:00 Take time for yourself!

and much more!

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