If there’s one thing about us you should know, it’s this:

We’re quirky.

When Heather and I travel (which is a lot) we tend to fall into a lot of the same habits and behaviors no matter where in the world we go.

Your job?

To figure out which quirk belongs to each of us.

Some of them are super easy, some not so much. Some we just give away!

Let us know what some of your quirky travel behaviors are in the comments below!

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In This Episode:

  • 02:21 3 speeding tickets in the span of 2 hours
  • 05:30 The quirks begin
  • 13:00 Getting good recommendations from waiters.
  • 16:00 EPoP! & OTD!
  • 18:10 Send us Photos!
  • 21:30 All the shoes.
  • 35:00 #NeighborhoodNerds
  • 41:00 Seriously everything is Travis
  • 45:00 #FashionNerd
  • 53:41 That time that taking a taxi made Heather’s night

and much more!

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