Every year here at EPoP we conduct a Year in Review. What went right? What went wrong? Where all did we go this year?

For the first time, this year we’ve decided to share our stats for 2015.

How many countries we visited.

How many different places we stayed.

The flights we took.

Then we go into some of our best/worst of each. Complete with hilarious stories. As always.

In Part two well be discussing the best meals of 2015, so make sure to check back in next week for more.

But until then tell us YOUR year in review for 2015! Where did you go? What were some of your best experiences? And of course, what are this year’s travel mishaps? We need to know!

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In This Episode

  • 08:00 Our accommodations this year.
  • 12:22 Our Countries this Year
  • 14:40 The best/worst of our accommodations this year
  • 29:00 The best/worst flights
  • 31:00 The most mischievous things we did this year.
  • 41:00 The most unexpected thing that happened to us, in a good way!
  • 48:00 The most awesome people we met!
  • 54:00 This year’s travel mishaps.

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