Money, Money, Money…When Traveling!


Whats the best way to change your money?

Should you bring cash and change it in the country?

Or maybe you should use an ATM to get it there. But what about ATM fees?!

Figuring out the best practices for your money abroad can be a hassle, and one that can lose you a lot of money if you get it wrong.

Luckily, we’ve already done it for you!

Today Heather joins me to share our 14 rules for money abroad. We cover everything from the best way to get cash when you travel, the best bank accounts to use, and the best practices for keeping your money safe while you travel.

Did we miss any big tips? Let us know in the comments below, we’re always looking to save more!

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In This Episode:

  • The 3 things you should NEVER do.
  • The best bank account out there for foreign travel.
  • How to handle your credit cards and when to use them.
  • Currency conversions.
  • How much cash should you carry?
  • Avoiding those pickpockets.
  • The benefits of splitting up your money.

and much more!

 Links Discussed in This Episode:

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Author: Trav

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  • THIS WAS SO HELPFUL! I plan on traveling to Curacao and Ghana in January, and I was concerned about carrying large amounts of cash overseas. I’ve also heard that fraud is terrible in Ghana, and told not to use credit at all there, but that debit cards are safe. I am opening the Charles Schwab account right now, and wondering what on earth the catch could be. THANK YOU!

    • @Jade- Awesome, so glad you liked it. Yeah, that Charles Schwab account is great. I was so jealous when I was with my friend Tiffany in Chiang Mai and she was using it. I need to get one right away!

  • Hey Trav,
    What do you do with the extra foreign currency you may have after leaving a country? I.e. if you have 1,000 Thai Baht left over when leaving Thailand, what do you do with the Thai Baht back in the states?

    • @JP- Personally, I just keep it for next time I’m in the country. Of course, if you’re never planning on going back, that won’t help. You can exchange it at the airport when you get home or maybe even a bank, but you won’t get that great an exchange.

      So, the main thing I try to do is make sure I don’t have large chunks left over. If it’s 100 baht, that’s like $3, so no big deal. But yeah, 1000 is getting in to the “hmmm, this is a decent amount of money range.” So I try to avoid that situation unless I know I’m going back soon.