My Life as a U.S. Diplomat with Nick Hersh


You may remember us mentioning our friend the U.S. Diplomat who managed to wrangle our laptop back from India’s customs officials in our latest Travel Mishaps episode.

That U.S. Diplomat is our good friend Nick Hersh, whom I have known for over 20 years from back when all we cared about was learning how to talk to girls and getting our merit badges.

Who knew he’d turn out to become the most traveled of my friends and a U.S. Diplomat? And so useful to boot?!

Today Nick joins us to talk about his experiences joining the Foreign Service and traveling the world as a U.S. Diplomat. He discusses some of the red tape involved in becoming a Diplomat, the different fields that lend themselves to the job, what types of benefits and vacation time one can expect as a Diplomat, and (our favorite) some of his greatest travel experiences & mishaps.

If you have any questions for Nick please feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll pass them along!

Nick is joining me this week because you guys have e-mailed me to ask about other jobs that take you internationally but that aren’t really nomadic. If YOU have someone you think I should interview or a path you’d like us to pursue please e-mail and I’ll do my best!

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In This Episode:

  • All the things that US diplomats do on a day to day basis.
  • The red tape to getting into the foreign service.
  • How your country of work gets decided.
  • Paid language training.
  • Why get stuck with the “low level” work can actually be super awesome.
  • Making a difference as a US Diplomat
  • What is and isn’t covered by the US Government while you’re abroad.
  • Great travel mishaps from Greece, Costa Rica, and Singapore.

and much more!

Links Discussed in This Episode:

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