Is Paris Really That Expensive?


Paris is THE most expensive city in the world to visit.

But knowing me, you know we had to find a way to do it cheaper.

Today, Heather joins me to chat about some of the ways that we saved money during our time in the city of love. From picnics in the park and bike rides around town to amazing fire shows in front of Notre Dame and scary climbs up the Eiffel tower, we had an amazing (and affordable) time in Paris!

We break down expenses in Paris down to the main categories, accommodation, food, drink, activities, and transportation.

Is Paris really that expensive? Find out in today’s episode!

What are your money-saving tips for this famous French city?

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In This Episode:

  • 04:55 Using your points to cut that accommodation budget.
  • 08:34 Renting an apartment in Paris.
  • 11:09 Eating out
  • 17:43 CREPES!
  • 20:00 Drinking & Happy Hours
  • 21:53 What to do in Paris?
  • 37:23 Shopping
  • 40:37 Getting around the city
  • and much more!

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