Destination Diary: Guatemala


As far as I was concerned, it was that place south of Mexico, and north of Brazil.

That was until I met Robb and Dave. They had spent almost 3 months in Guatemala on a previous trip and listening to their stories made me realize that I need to know more. A lot more.

Today I bring back Robb Hillman and David McMullin to share their experiences in Guatemala with all of us so that we too can fall in love with this seemingly beautiful country. We talk about some of the best sites to see, including Tikal, active volcanoes, and caves best seen by candlelight.

We also chat about the “Chicken Bus” phenomena and the Killer Tomatoes, and how you never really know whats coming until you get there.

Guatemala sounds like a fabulous place, and it’s officially made it’s way to a top spot on my list of places to visit!

Have you ever been to Guatemala? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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In This Episode:

  • 2:40 What’s south of Mexico and north of Brazil?
  • 06:30 Safety concerns.
  • 08:55 Visiting Tikal.
  • 16:35 Learning Spanish.
  • 18:43 Climbing an Active Volcano.
  • 23:33 Chicken buses.
  • 33:40 Staying at a Finca.
  • 37:55 Going through a cave by candlelight.
  • and much more!

 Places Discussed in This Episode:

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Photo provided courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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