Kindness, The World, and Leon Logothetis


Kindness is a powerful force when you travel

The kindness of complete strangers can turn around even the most awful days.

Leon Logothetis is well aware of the power of kindness on the road and has spent more than one crazy trip relying on the kindness of strangers to get him through.

Today he joins us to talk about his decision to begin traveling, the logistics of taking (and finding) kindness all around the world, and the power of gratitude.

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In This Episode:

  • 03:00 How did you get into travel?
  • 07:14 Getting out the door is the hardest part.
  • 10:35 One of the most inspiring moments on his first trip
  • 18:09 The Kindness Cab & the power of listening
  • 25:21 The logistics of taking kindness around the world.
  • 32:00 It all comes back to gratitude
  • 37:00 The best school the world has to offer.

and much more!

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