The No Plans, No Problem Roadtrip


Heather and I discuss why we have (almost) no plans for our upcoming road trip, how you can help pick where we go and what we do, what our essential items are, and why this is getting back to our travel roots.

We really want your suggestions! Know a brewery we should stop at? Places we should eat? Places we should hike? Are you nearby?

Let us know!

We want to meet you!

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In This Episode

  • 02:50 The last road trip didn’t end so well.
  • 08:15 Freedom with a road trip
  • 08:45 The plan. Are you on the way? We want to meet up!!
  • 18:12 The #1 Roadtrip item
  • 19:13 Staying healthy during a road trip
  • 22:00 Other items to pack for road trips
  • 30:14 Meet up with us!!

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