Being Semi-Rad with Brendan Leonard, Part 2


Today I’m back with Brendan for Part 2 of our awesome interview.

Brendan starts off after flipping the interview on it’s head and asks me what motivates me to continue living the lifestyle I’ve chosen.

We move from there to talking about how awesome freedom is, why everyone should travel at least a little, the “busy” trap, and why everyone should go find a new taco stand in their city.

And last but not least we get an awesome piece of travel advice.

Always carry a spoon

If you missed part one, click here to listen!

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In This Episode:

  • 03:00 Brendan turns the tables and asks me what keeps me motivated.
  • 05:20 Extra effort & extra work, but so much more freedom
  • 08:05 The ‘Busy’ Trap
  • 15:30 Taking a Grand Tour
  • 18:00 Adding normal back into your unconventional life
  • 19:00 Go find a new taco stand.
  • 26:30 Always carry a spoon.

and much more!

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